Holmwood General Election 2017

The Prep School returned from the half-term break to election madness. All Prep School children had learned about the election, party politics and policies in PSHCE Citizenship lessons before half-term with Year 7s and 8s also learning about left and right wing ideology and different voting systems. Bring on election week!

Year 8s, Sam B, Matthew B, Tamunodukoye E, Olivia F, Matthew J, Zeke L, Ben N, Thomas P and Robert W shaped five fake party identities, masking the five main political parties, between which the Prep School were to choose on Polling Day. They were keen for the children to focus on ideas and policies rather than voting according to preconceived ideas or parental views. Years 2 and 3 were also given the opportunity to vote following a presentation about the election to Pre-Prep on Wednesday.

On Tuesday these Year 8s took the role of political pundits in our very own Question Time Election Special, in which Mr Mitchell relished the chance to be David Dimbleby! The Prep School found the performance inspiring and demonstrated this with a 93% turn out to vote on Thursday 8 June, along with 23 staff.

Year 4 helped to set up the polling station and Year 5s acted as election officials.