Haileybury Prep Schools' Debating Competition

Last week Sam B, Thomas P, Oliver R, Oscar C, Arabella D and Honor D represented the school at the Haileybury Prep Schools' Debating Competition in the Junior and Senior sections.

They did a fabulous job debating against the motions

"This house believes that Donald Trump should be banned from the UK"


"This house believes that daily sport should be compulsory in all schools"

and also for the motions

"This house believes that a university education should be free"


"This house believes that the future is vegetarian"

These motions were provided by Haileybury and sides were alloted so that critical thinking skills (no matter about personal beliefs) were brought to the fore.  This, alongside the obvious challenges of public speaking, thinking on the hoof and making and responding to rebuttals makes debating a brilliant way to learn and develop skills as well as being extremely enjoyable.

The junior team came top in their room placing them in a runner up position overall and the seniors put up a brilliant fight against the overall competition winners, Arnold House from St John's Wood, having very decidedly beaten earlier competition.

Well done to the Holmwood debating team!