Happy Birthday Holmwood

94th Birthday Celebrations

The school's birthday is one of the children's favourite days of the year.....actually, not just the children's! After a relatively 'normal' morning and an early lunch, the fun and games proceeded. The guys were brought out on to the yard for judging, the Pre-Prep children enjoyed their annual singalong with Mr Snell whilst the Prep school were involved in their Mission Impossible and Tutor Group challenges in the Sports Hall and on Barbour's Piece.

The Animal Game involves all the children, in buddy groups, search the grounds for their Element cards. To attract their Element runners, they have to make the noise of their Element animal! Honestly, if a Martian landed and saw this game they would have a rather skewed view of the human race!

The birthday cake - another amazing creation by Ilia Makri (mum of Richard and Sophia H) - was cut by the 3 pupil Heads of Element in front of the whole school following the parade of the Year 4 lanterns. The results of the best Element boards and the Element guys competitions were announced along with other winners before we traipsed out to the field to position the 3 guys on the enormous bonfire erected over several weeks by our gardener, Martin Ford and groundsman, Jamie Halls. Add into the mix lots of sweets, excitement and fun, and the afternoon starts to take shape. More activities afterwards including the Mugs Game in the Prep School and party games in the Pre-Prep led us onto the evening where we hand over to the Friends of Holmwood House who arrange the evening's activities including a wonderful fireworks display which we will report on next week. We look forward to hearing Rock Band entertain us in the hall tonight as the day comes to a close. Happy 94th Birthday, Holmwood House!



Photo gallery to follow with lots and lots of photo's of the day's activities!