Holmgrown 2016 & Well-y Never!

Over the past couple of weeks, Mr Mitchell has reminded everyone to get designing their welly over Easter for our Produce Show launch event - 'Well-y Never!'.  We can't wait to invite everyone to look at the entries next term and pick their winners!

Don't forget, now is the time to get planting if you haven't already done so.  There are many seeds that you can start off in small pots on the window sill - for example, why not try growing some chilli plants?

The Year 5s and 6s planted herbs this week in old food tins from the school kitchen and they will be decorating the pots over the holidays at home (and hopefully keeping their seeds well-watered!)

And finally, before you dig all those weeds out of the garden that have taken hold over the winter... there is a 'weed to be proud of' category in this year's Produce Show - we are expecting a significant number of entries for this one!