Rugby - U11 A XII Tournament at Brentwood (A), Sunday 21 November 2010  

On a cold day at Brentwood Prep School, a mix of A, B, and C team players met to face a very high standard of opposition. This was the first tournament held at Brentwood and turned out to be very organised, with excellent facilities.

Holmwood's first game was against Lincroft.  Following a good warm-up and team run, Holmwood attacked well and put Lincroft on the back foot and scored 3 tries to Lincroft's 1 - just missing out on the all important bonus point.

Final score:  17-7

Game 2:   Holmwood faced Brentwood Prep's second team in the competition.  Holmwood started to really come together as a team and this was demonstrated in their defence as well as their attack. T he offloading and passing from the tackle situation created gaps in the defence and Holmwood utilised them and took a bonus point from this game.

Final score: 28-0

Game 3:  Holmwood played Bancroft.  Holmwood kept the same intensity carried forward from the previous game and,  despite the strength of the Bancroft forwards, Holmwood's defence was excellent.

Final score:  14-0

Game 4:  Holmwood faced Widford Lodge who performed well in their first 3 games. Holmwood increased the intensity again and by this point were drawing a large crowd to their games as their route to the final was being secured.

Final score: 19-0

The Final

Holmwood house faces rivals, Barnardiston Hall, and after 2 defeats for Holmwood earlier in the season, plus Barnardiston having had a very strong run to the final with some excellent performances, Holmwood knew it would be a very hard game.

In the first half, both teams were very aggressive in attack and Holmwood's defence was outstanding with hardly any missed tackles and making good ground in defence.  It was clear Barnardiston had not met such ferocious tackling and soon their only option was to run sideways to avoid the tackles. This led to a very fast run from the Barnardiston centres that got round the outside of the Holmwood defence to open the scoring for the match.

In the second half, Holmwood's attack came at full pace and they managed to break through the Barnadiston line. Holmwood soon scored a very well worked try to make the score 7-5.  As the final buzzer sounded, Holmwood were in a strong position of attack on Barnardiston's 10m line and they illegally got the ball and threw it into touch giving Holmwood the penalty.  B. Allison took the penalty and sent a 40m cross field kick over the shocked Barnardiston defence; this was fielded superbly by E. Gibson and then P. Carlstroem scored the try, which was converted by B. Allison.

Final score: 12-7

An excellent day of rugby by Holmwood.  The whole squad played with a lot of heart
and determinationand this was clarified by the feedback and the praise received from the
Brentwood staff and other coaches.  Many congratulations!!!

Mr Cook