Holmwood win U11 Rounders Tournament

Rounders - U11 Tournament at Holmwood (H), Friday 21 June 2013

Despite the threat of rain, we were able to continue with play in our Invitational Tournament where we were joined by Ipswich High, OBH and Orwell Park.  Holmwood played OBH and Ipswich High first, and won both games comfortably.  However, Orwell had also won both their games so there was a final match to decide the overall winner. 

Holmwood batted first and managed a creditable but not insurmountable score of 8½ rounders within the 30 balls so they knew they had to field well.  Annabel H and Evie D took several wickets at first base and Rosie B made some great fielding decisions and accurate throws.  Olivia R continued to bowl safely and, with the whole team pulling together, they managed to get Orwell out for only 3 rounders.  A great example of teamwork and well deserved medals for all of them.