Holmwood win U11 Rounders Tournament!

Rounders - U11 Tournament at Holmwood House (H), Friday 24 June 2011

A very enjoyable afternoon of rounders  with South Lee, OBH and Holmwood's A & B teams.  All the teams played each other and, although Holmwood B lost against both South Lee and OBH, the girls played very well and many rounders were scored.  The A team beat OBH quite comfortably, but had a very intense game against South Lee.  Holmwood As won both games due to excellent fielding skills and confident hitting from all the team.

The final game was Holmwood A vs Holmwood B which was played in excellent spirit and showed the all round improvement of the B team as they managed to prevent the As from scoring too many rounders.

An overall win for the A team which adds to their overall success this term.  Well done girls!