Holmwood win U9 A Netball "High Five" Tournament at Ipswich Prep School

The U9 girls’ netball goes from strength to strength, and they are developing into extremely versatile players.

On Monday 21November, the A team entered their very first High Fives tournament, held at Ipswich School.  Six teams entered and the format was a Round-Robin competition where every team played each other.  Matches consisted of 2 five minute halves, and players had to rotate positions after every half.  Holmwood started really well against Ipswich High school, winning by 4 goals to nil, and continued strongly against Ipswich School, scoring 5 goals and preventing them from scoring any. The third match was hard-fought and Holmwood were leading 2-0 with just a few seconds left until Orwell Park scored resulting in a 2-1 victory to Holmwood.  The match against Littlegarth was also very competitive, but the girls kept calm and raised their game to win 2-0.  By this time, they knew they only had to beat The Abbey, the final match, to win the tournament outright.  To everyone’s delight, the score was 4-0 meaning Holmwood were the overall winners, having scored 17 goals and conceded only 1.

Another excellent performance!!

Mrs Austin

We Won!!
Here’s the winning photograph from the U9”s Netball tournament held today, Wednesday 21st November 2011.
With a clean sweep of wins (all season so far!), Holmwood yet again dominated at the Ipswich School Tournament. At times the opposing teams could only watch as the ball shot between the Holmwood team at such a pace that there was little to no chance for the opposing team to mark us.  When the ball reached the circle we so often just put the ball in the net without it even touching the hoop!  Beth and Millie were excellent shooters, with Lili and Izzy intercepting well and Rosie and Olivia dominating midfield.

Off the pitch, the girls acquitted themselves as true school ambassadors should - cheering their competitors and thanking their hosts for an excellent afternoon's competition.
A credit to the school, their coach Mrs Austin, and their parents!

Report from a delighted parent!