Choral Day

Choral Day 2010

This was the second Great Holmwood Choral Day to be held with the following schools bringing 8 to 9 year olds to Holmwood:

Willow Brook Primary, Colchester
St John's Primary, Highwoods
Holy Trinity Primary, Eight Ash Green

120 pupils participated in total in this great musical gathering of children from local schools to sing together as one choir.  After a great amount of effort, learning the words and music of 4 songs all morning, they then produced a thrilling performance for their parents and the Holmwood Years 5 & 6 pupils in the afternoon.

The children were organised into four mixed school groups on arrival and worked fantastically well together in producing the final performance which according to Mr Tom Cogan, Director of Music "was amazing!"

The concert started with the four part Scoo-be-doo Song, followed by the Pirates Song which was performed with great gusto and a yo ho ho!  Next was Meet the Symphony rap, with percussion, and the performance ended with a lively version of Oh when the Saints go marching in.  

The picnic lunch and running around in the yard together, making friends, was an equally enjoyable part of the event and gave the children a chance to stretch their legs after concentrating all morning.

Mr Cogan, the Director of Music at Holmwood House (and inspiration for the event) said "We have organised this event as music brings together all the children as one.  It shows the children that they can all sing together and produce the most amazing sound, having only just met this morning!  We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting all our guests who have been a delight."

This is the second Great Choral Day held by Holmwood House and everybody is looking forward to the third year!