John Bercow visiting Holmwood House School, ColchesterJohn Bercow at Holmwood!


Order! Order!

We were honoured and delighted to welcome the Right Honourable John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons to Holmwood House on Thursday 7 November.  He talked to the children about the importance of politics and his role as Speaker before opening the floor to what became a fantastic questions session. 

Questions were asked in the style of the House of Commons, by standing up rather than hand raising and the children truly took this on board.  At every opportunity, it seemed that almost half of the school was standing, eager to engage with Mr Bercow.

He was presented with a highly coveted Holmwood House mug and teddy (usually only ever given out to retiring members of staff) by Archie S and he said that it would be used for his five year old's morning milk. 

Finally, Mr Bercow spoke emotionally to the children about aiming high in life, recognising how lucky they were to be at a school like Holmwood and the importance of being happy in whatever occupation they eventually choose. 

Mr Mitchell suggested that, should he ever want a change of occupation, Mr Bercow would make an excellent Prep School Headmaster thanks to his experience in the House of Commons!

All in all, a fabulously enriching and very special Holmwood afternoon.  Thank you for visiting us Mr Speaker!

I have truly, never seen such a forest of questions of such quality on a school visit!

The Right Honourable John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons

Brief Biography:

John Bercow was born in 1963. He was educated at Finchley Manorhill School, and the University of Essex where he graduated in 1985 with a First Class Honours in Government. He is married and has three children.

John Bercow became a Conservative councillor in the London Borough of Lambeth in 1986 (until 1990) and served from 1987 to 1989 as deputy leader of the Conservative Opposition Group. At the time John was the youngest deputy group leader in the country. For many years, he ran successful public speaking courses and has lectured in the United States to students of the Leadership Institute.

He was elected as Member of Parliament for Buckingham in May 1997, with a majority of 12,386 and in May 2005 was re-elected with an increased majority of 18,129.                           

John was elected as the 157th Speaker of the House of Commons on 22nd June 2009.    

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