Nick Butterworth 

Pre-Prep Visiting Author

“Wow! I will remember that for my whole life!” were the words of a Year 1 pupil after participating in the Nick Butterworth workshop on Wednesday. The Pre-Prep children were enthralled as they watched and listened to Nick Butterworth explain how he came up with the idea of Percy the Park Keeper on a cold frosty morning, whilst walking his dog Jake through the local park. They learned how the TV character Q Pootle moved from the page to the screen and how he has drawn on many of his own experiences and relationships to form his wonderful stories. But most importantly, they learned the importance of creativity, how any idea can become a great story and how anyone can become that story’s author. Moments like these are precious in a child’s education, a chance to be inspired by real life artists, to be encouraged to follow dreams and to believe you can achieve if you put your mind to it.

We were also very fortunate to have Nick Butterworth talk to parents on Wednesday evening. Again his message was inspiring; he reminded us of the importance of sharing stories, both from books and our own experiences. Highlighting the fact that in doing so, we are strengthening the bond with our children, making connections that in future years can be drawn upon and creating time for them to share with us their thoughts and feelings. He finished by reminding us that ultimately our aim as parents is to enable our children to fly and with making these secure bonds at a young age our children can do just that!

We thank Nick for such an inspiring day that has touched children, staff and parents.

Mrs Ellison-Oakes