Pre-Prep Maths Week

The children in the Pre-Prep have had an exciting week with lots of unusual Maths Activities.

We had three lively Maths Assemblies.  On Monday the children helped Mrs. Taylor retell the story of ‘The Great Pet Sale’ by Mick Inkpen and everyone was relieved when the coins were counted and there was just enough money to buy all the animals. On Tuesday it was the teachers turn to help as they assisted Mrs. Roberts in telling the story ‘The Doorbell Rang’ by Pat Hutchins.  The assembly ended with the children deciding if they should open the door and share more of the cookies!  The final assembly was a whole school assembly and Mr. Mitchell posed a camel problem. He was ably assisted by volunteers from each year group who duly donned their camel masks.  The problem came when he needed to chop his camels up to solve the puzzle.  Fortunately, Mrs. Taylor came to the rescue and everyone stayed intact!

The Reception children gave an excellent assembly showing some of their work.  The book ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Brown encouraged them to taste exotic fruits and they then made block graphs showing their favourite fruits. They also showed their beautiful 2D pictures and 3D models of windmills.

In Year 1 the children had been working hard earning money for a special treat on Friday afternoon. All the children brought in a purse to keep their pennies safe and enjoyed choosing how to spend their hard earned money at a special cinema event!

The smell of tasty scones was soon wafting around the Pre-Prep after the Year 2 baking activity. There was plenty of weighing and measuring to ensure a good result. As well as following the recipe, the children used their maths skills to cost their ingredients.

Year 3 have been solving ‘Rabbit problems’ having discovered the delights of Emily Gravett’s book ‘The Rabbit Problem’. The children weighed carrots to try and solve the ‘hungry’ rabbit problem.  They collected data to make baby books and then measured an assortment of rabbits to solve the ‘cold’ rabbit problem.

The children in Year 3 had an exciting session using the interactive handsets and Mr. Duley from St. James’s Place Wealth management joined one of the classes to share the activities that Mr. McEwan provided. It was a noisy but rewarding session and the children came out with some amazing quotes “How much are these?” and “This is such fun. Can I take it home with me?”

A highlight of the week for many of the children was the announcing of the ‘Matchbox Competition’ winners. The children were challenged to find as many different items as they could to fill an empty matchbox.  The counting of the boxes gave the staff some real headaches and a pair of tweezers and good eyesight was a definite prerequisite!  The choice of items showed true ingenuity.  The eventual winners were:

Reception Runner-up:  Ned N 83

Reception Winner:  Joshua R 111

Year 1 Runner-up: Charlie A 85

Year 1 Winner: Lulu G 99

Year 2 Runners-up: Mercedes D and Danny H 68

Year 2 Winner: Yaqeen P 78

Year 3 Runner-up: Lili O 115

Year 3 Winner: Joshua N 137

On Friday all the children met up to share a maths game.  The Year 1 children joined the Year 3 pupils to play the games they had made and Reception joined the Year 2 pupils.  A great sharing activity!