Refugee Walk - update

Matthew J, Matthew B, Robert W, Cole S, Peter M inspired the whole school in a recent assembly with their idea for a fundraising walk to help the refugees caught up in the current crisis. The boys planned the idea and the assembly themselves
and the walk will take place on the afternoon of Friday 16 October when the children will walk around the sports field with their buddies. The children will be asked to bring in a small water bottle filled with loose change which will be donated
to a suitable charity.


When the plastic bottles and containers of pennies and pounds started pouring in we could see that the Sponsored Walk for the Refugees before half term had been well supported.  The Year 7 boys, who originally came up with the idea, Peter M, Matthew B, Matthew J, Cole S and Robert W, took 10 buckets of coins to the bank to be counted and we can now reveal that the total raised was an astonishing £2,439!

What a tremendous achievement. The cheque will be presented to the British Red Cross who are co-ordinating support for the refugees.  Well done to the children for bringing their plan to fruition.