Science Week

The whole school has enjoyed a spectacularly exciting series of events to celebrate Science Week this year.

While the Pre-Prep focus has been "Forces", the Prep School has seen a variety of activities to highlight how useful and fun Science can be. Year 6 got off to a thrilling start last Friday when they all became Forensic Scientists. A tray of jam tarts had been stolen from the Cookery Room and Year 6 were charged with finding out "Whodunnit?". They donned Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) suits, masks, gloves and overshoes before processing three crime scenes. In the cookery room, someone had stepped in some flour, leaving a clear footprint, while red goo had been splattered on the wall and floor.  Detective Inspector Crame briefed the team about the progress of the investigation before leading the budding SOCOs to the cellars where evidence of the missing tarts had been discovered.  The tray was found at the front of the school where a cordon was established and where the pupils were expected to take soil samples to potentially match to one of the suspects. Returning to the laboratories on Monday morning, the team set about analysing the evidence. Was it blood on the clothing or jam from the scene?  Whose shoes matched the print? Could those fibres have been picked up from the cellar carpet?  On Friday, the CSI apprentices learned about fingerprint identification and tested the pH of the soil found on the suspects' shoes.  Did it match the soil from Crime Scene 3?  The ultimate answer to the question, "Whodunnit?" was dramatically revealed during Friday's assembly,  wrapping up a fascinating programme of activities.

Year 8 and several Pre-Prep classes were treated to a talk by ex-Holmwood pupil, wildlife and adventure TV presenter, Jamie Crawford on Monday. Jamie has presented In Too Deep for Animal Planet on The Discovery Channel and he presents on the BBC's 'One Show'.  The children were treated to one of his short pieces about animals' many adaptations and he spoke brilliantly about all his exciting experiences. The pupils were truly enthralled and would love to have quizzed him for hours.

Year 5 have dropped eggs, Year 7 have built sky-scrapers from spaghetti, Year 8 have got up close to the digestive system and Year 3 have even been to Mars in a rocket-ship!

Ask the children what has been going on in the Science Dept this week and you may not be able to shut them up. We hope they will remember their experiences this week, for a long time to come.

See this week's newsletter for a selection of photographs.

Thank you to Mr Kershaw and the staff of the Science Department and Pre-Prep
for planning such a great week.