Theme Week - WW1

We are holding our first Theme Week between 15 - 19 October 2018.

To mark the centenary of the Armistice, the theme will be the First World War and Remembrance.

The whole school will be engaged in lessons linking our curriculum to the First World War and we shall be touching on many aspects of this during lesson time. 

We are having an Armistice Formal Dinner for Year 8, a visiting 'digger' from the trenches, a themed lunch, a debate on conscientious objection and a poetry competition. 

There will be displays of World War 1 artefacts around the school. 

Check back here during 15-19 October for all our Theme Week news!


Year 4 reconnaissance mission.





In maths, Year 3 became agents in 1914 to break a code to find out where we will be attacked!



In Science, Year 3 learned about trench biscuits and dentistry in World War One.


Children in both the Pre-Prep and the Prep have been treated to a visit by 'Digger', an Australian soldier (aka Anthony). He brought along his kit and showed them the sorts of things a soldier would have with him in the trenches.


Trial in the Tent

A Year 7 PRE class held a trial based on four real conchies in WW1 and the judge and jury decide upon their fate.



Year 5 learned about the Multifaith Trench in WW1. They pretended to be British soldiers and sent Christmas cards home to their families.


Year 3 have been enjoying sinking each other's WW1 battleships in maths today. #HHOpportunity #HHYear3




The Year 4s have been busy in science, testing the WW1 rations for the presence of starch. #HHOpportunity #HHScience