Times Table Challenge

Congratulations to the following children for gaining the top scores in their year group during this term’s challenge which was out of 180.

Year 8
1st place Charlie A 180
2nd place Misha B 179
3rd place Jamie K 170
Year 7
1st place Harry O 156
2nd place Maria HP 152
3rd place Owen J 145
Year 6
1st place Dominique G and Anna P 179
2nd place Imogen J 149
3rd place Jude S 147
Year 5
1st place Luca C 148
2nd place Alexandra M 140
3rd place Harry G 130
Year 4
1st place Charlotte G 146
2nd place Rameen A 89
3rd place Amani L 88

Round 2 - The semi final

Children scoring at least 130 in the first round have been awarded Highly Commended certificates and are invited back to the next stage. This takes place on Tuesday 26 September at lunchtime.

Year 8
Charles A
Misha B
Tom C
Oscar D
Flora D
Honor D
Jamie K
Year 7
Samuel F
Maria HP
Emmanuella I
Owen J
Year 6
James B
Dominique G
Imogen J
Harry O
Anna P
Jude S
Year 5
Luca C
Harry G
Alexandra M
Year 4
Charlotte G

Well done everyone for taking part!