Year 7 Geography

Coastal Management

Towards the end of the autumn term, 2017, all pupils in Year 7 took part in activities aimed to enhance their knowledge and  understanding of coastal protection. Pupils began with a game of ‘Coastal Management Top Trumps’ - this improved their knowledge of the variety of coastal protection methods in use at the moment. They went on to tackle a DME (Decision Making Exercise) based on the fictional scenario ‘Can we save the North Naze!’ In groups, pupils considered the suitability of a number of different coastal protection methods within an overall plan to protect the north part of the coastline at Walton-on-the-Naze from weathering and erosion. Each group presented their findings to their peers and the most effective plan was chosen as a  winner, with one star given to each member of the winning group. The pupils learned a huge amount about coastal protection and the need for coastal   protection from taking part in these fun activities.