Years 5 & 6 Play

Alice 1As the curtain went down on ‘All Shook Up’ last year and the ‘then’ Year 5 were returning their costumes, they asked “What are we doing for our play next year?”  Enthusiasm was obviously not an issue!

Mr Crame suggested Alice in Wonderland and we sent off for the musical. We adapted it for this Year 6 cast and took inspiration from the book itself.   We decided to put in the challenging part of the story when Alice changes size. The stage crew painted the set from illustrations by Sir John Tenniel from the book and their teamwork, led by James Chapman, has been essential in this show.

Alice 2Year 6 auditioned for their parts and encouraged each other throughout the process. They have understood the importance of teamwork and have brought tremendous energy to the production.

The Year 5 supporting cast have been a pleasure to work with.  The boys choosing their animal characters and looking the part - as well as the girls, whose effect on the stage was stunning. 

We were all delighted with the end result. The children excelled themselves and exceeded every expectation - they pulled together and held their nerve under pressure so that they thoroughly enjoyed being on stage.

We must thank the parents and staff who have made such wonderful costumes for our very own Holmwood ‘Wonderland’!

Marie-Christine Hollington