Globe Theatre Trip

Year 7 

The whole of Year 7 went to Shakespeare’s Globe in London. We first went on a tour of the theatre and acted on the stage. We then
completed a workshop where we acted out a scene from Romeo and Juliet.

After lunch we had two more workshops. The second workshop was about Elizabethan costumes. Will D dressed up in Elizabethan women’s clothes! The material they would use in Elizabethan times depended on how rich the person was. Will wore the same clothes that performers wear when they perform today.

The final workshop was very cool and also a bit scary. Two
professional fencing people showed us some sword fights that are
performed on stage. Another man showed us the different types of swords that they used to use in Elizabethan times.

I loved going to the theatre, it was so fun.

Alara H