School Policies       

These policies apply to the whole school including EYFS (Nursery and Reception):

PDF icon  Admissions & Equal Opportunities Policy

PDF icon  Alcohol & Tobacco Policy  

PDF icon  Anti-Bribery Policy

PDF icon  Anti-Bullying Policy 

PDF icon  Attendance Policy  

PDF icon  Behaviour Policy (REWARDS & SANCTIONS)

         PDF icon Exclusions Policy

PDF icon  Catering and Food Hygiene Policy    

PDF icon  Information for Parents of EYFS Children (Reception)        

PDF icon  Collection and Non-Collection Policy                    

PDF icon  Complaints Procedure

PDF icon  Curriculum Policy  


PDF icon  Parent  Privacy Notice 

PDF icon  Pupil Privacy Notice 

     (For a copy of the Data Protection Policy please contact

     (For a copy of the Information and Records Retention Policy please contact          

PDF icon  Special Needs Policy (including provision for pupils with EHC plans)

          PDF icon  Accessibility Plan (referred to in Disability Policy)

PDF icon  Drugs and Drug Testing Policy         

PDF icon  Educational Visits Policy (Holmwood House School and EYFS Settings)     

PDF icon  Extra-Curricular Programme Policy

PDF icon  EYFS Sun Protection Policy                  

PDF icon  Fire Safety, Procedures and Risk Assessment Policy

PDF icon  First Aid & Medical Policy                 

PDF icon  Health and Safety General Policy

PDF icon  Induction of New Staff in Safeguarding Policy

PDF icon  Interaction with Pupil Policy

PDF icon  Late or Non Collection of Child Policy (Nursery)   

PDF icon  Learning Philosophy - The 5 Rs  

          PDF icon  5Rs Skills Grid

PDF icon  Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy

PDF icon  Missing Child Policy      

PDF icon  PSHCE Curriculum Guide         

PDF icon  Pupil Sanctions Record Policy                           

PDF icon  Pupil Supervision Policy             

PDF icon  Pupils on Confidentiality Issues Policy  

PDF icon  Pupils' use of ICT, mobile phones and electronic devices Policy            

PDF icon  Risk Assessment Policy 

PDF icon  Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy    

PDF icon  Snow Policy    

PDF icon  Sports and Games Policy    

PDF icon  SRE Policy