Here at Holmwood House School, we aim to offer the very best learning experience for every pupil in the school. We have recently developed a clearly stepped and ambitious plan to focus our work over the next three years. The core principles were presented to the parent body on Wednesday 18 October 2018. The plan has been formed in partnership with the staff, pupils, parents and governance of the school.

The key aims of our plan are:

  • Providing a High Quality Learning Experience

  • Providing the Very Best for Your Child

  • Preparing Your Children For The Future

  • Growing Relationships

You can download a copy of the Development Plan, here.

A more detailed version of the plan is available here.

Latest Development Updates

Update to Parents No.1 i(Dec 2018) s available here

Update to Parents No.2 (March 2019) is available here.

Update to Parents No.3 (July 2019) is available here.

Update to Parents No.4 (Dec 2019) is available here.

Refurbishment of Early Years Department

The exciting creation of a Pre-Reception class, located within the existing Reception building, will provide a bright, airy and homely learning environment for our youngest pupils and will open in September 2019. The development work will involve a complete refurbishment of the current building and will include new toilets, kitchen, flooring, doors and windows to provide a revitalised space. In addition to the reconfiguration of some walls to define the separate learning environments, the entrance area will be redesigned to provide separate access for Reception and Pre-Reception parents and children. Click here to view updates of the work in progress.

Tutor/Tutee Mentoring Sessions

As part of our commitment to ensuring we provide the best possible learning experience for each child, we hold twice-yearly Tutor/Tutee Mentoring sessions which aim to ensure children have ownership of their learning and understand the steps required to reach their full potential. Watch this video to learn more about the sessions from the children's perspective.