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For an outline of the art curriculum by year group, please see our Curriculum Guides.

Philosophy of the Art Department         

To produce a dynamic and creative environment that combines traditional media and new technologies to enable pupils to express their creativity, realise their imaginations and increase their self-esteem. This environment will give every pupil the opportunity to engage in and learn about the range of media and breadth of artistic activities the department offers. This will ultimately prepare the pupils for independent learning by developing their own concepts individually in personal project work.

Educational Objectives

  • To encourage a passion for art.
  • To enrich pupils’ visual understanding.
  • To allow pupils to realise their imaginations and develop original thought, and to express themselves in a variety of media.
  • To provide pupils with the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express their responses to ideas, feelings and experiences in a visual and tactile form.
  • To enable the pupils to become visually literate by understanding art as a visual and tactile communication and to develop their ability to appreciate and evaluate images and artefacts.
  • To develop pupils’ aesthetic awareness and enable them to make informed critical responses about their work and that of others.
  • To introduce a broad spectrum of artists and Art movements, to develop the meaning and values of art from past, modern and contemporary art; to encourage a sense of Art history and an awareness of the contributions of artists from many cultures.
  • To engage in the processes of art enthusiastically with two-dimensional and three-dimensional images.
  • To embrace new technology in art and encourage experimentation with developments in this field.
  • To provide equal opportunity for all pupils to fulfil potential, regardless of their gender, cultural background or ability.  


Please click here to see examples of animations created by pupils during art lessons and in their own time.

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