The Holmwood House Library has a multitude of uses; poetry recitals, three minute talks, book exchanges, prep, Element Meetings, lunchtime chess, newspaper and magazine reading, storytelling, library skills, group singing events including Songfest heats and Vibes - lunchtime music and poetry - as well as being a repository for several thousand books.


Please see the English page for recommended reading lists by year group.

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The Rainbow Fish Eat Your Peas The Gruffalo Child

Heroes and Heroines

Have you ever thought about your Hero or Heroine from a book you have read and enjoyed? Click on the link below for a few suggestions. You never know, you might come across a book that you haven't yet read and that sounds interesting!

Please click here for a few suggestions.

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Non-Fiction November

It will soon be National non-fiction November- a whole month dedicated to celebrating the incredible range of information books written for children and young people.

Book Reviews

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Book Events 

* World Book Day (Shakespeare) - March
* Scholastic Half Price Book Sale - June

Games and Quizzes

Why great librarians matter! 

This is my childhood memory of being force fed words by rote learning and how it put me off books, and how one librarian made a huge difference. We need to inspire kids to read by sharing great stories and showing them the magic within books.” ~ Gill Lewis

What to read after finishing The Hunger Games ...

Please click here to see the top 10 books to read after The Hunger Games.

Follow Emma Chichester Clark's Plumdog blog ... 

 Creator of children's books, including the Blue Kangaroo and Wagtail Town series.  I also have the honour of illustrating Plum's diary, which appears here when she writes it, from time to time ... if something exciting happens ... or even if it doesn't.” ~ Emma Chichester Clark

Follow the Barrington Stoke 'Cracking Reading' blog ...

This is where you will find the Barrington Stoke team talking books - books for dyslexic or reluctant readers, books for book-eaters and books for everyone in between.

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