Click below for useful information and hints and tips on effective revision strategies:   

PDF icon  Note-taking Hints 

PDF icon  Hints on How to Revise 

PDF icon  How to Make a Mind Map 

Download PDF icon  Revision Timetable Planner    

You should also visit the various subject pages for more subject-specific revision advice.   

Revision Guidance and Information for Pupils

Equipment List 

  • Two pencils
  • A rubber
  • A ruler
  • A pen and cartridges or two pens
  • A sharpener
  • A few colouring pencils
  • A 360/180 degree protractor
  • A pair of compasses

For Science and some Maths papers you will also need:

A calculator

  • You may take one small mascot into the exam room.
  • You may take a bottle of water in to the exam room.
  • Bags should not be brought in to the examination room.
  • The examination should take the time indicated on the exam paper. If you finish early please check through every question at least once.
  • Please assemble outside the exam room five minutes before the start. 

  • All exams will start on time. It is your responsibility to ensure that you arrive on time with the required equipment.

Examinations are always conducted in silence and no pupil should communicate with another at any time during the exam.


All revision task are in Google Classroom, please see the links below















Spring 2019 Revision

Year 8 ALW

Revision Guidance
Level 1 Topic List
Level 2 Topic List


For those with upcoming scholarship exams, use the analysis sheet from the last exam (on Google classroom), click on the links to revise questions from each topic or use MathsWatch (pupils have been given username and password).

 click here


Level 1 Topic List
Level 2 Topic List



Well done for all of your hard work so far! This half term is only a week long so you must find time to relax and recharge your batteries.

I have not provided you with any practice papers, we will be doing some examination technique training before your next assessments. See below for a list of topics you should go through and be familiar with.

Click here

Use the CGP Key Stage Three HIgher Level books that you have from the Christmas revision, BBC bitesize, reliable internet resources and the hyperlinks from the school website (under this document) to help you. You can also use higher level GCSE books to extend your knowledge.

Your assessments will be a 90 minute in class assessment and a practical assessment that will review your measuring skills, accuracy following and understanding a method and creating a safe working environment to gather and analyse fair and reliable results.

Mr Cook

Year 8 - OLW

Please use this document (click here) to help direct your revision. 

  • Be honest with revision - Do not keep revising the photosynthesis equation if you already know it. 
  • Revise the aspects you struggle with.
  • Re-reading a textbook again and again is not revision. Test yourself using various formats and question styles

S8 - ASK

Students in S8 will be sitting either their Ipswich examinations or their internal Holmwood examinations during week 8 of the spring term.

All students in S8 should revise the work covered so far using either of the following revision programmes:

Science Scholarship Revision Programme (click here to view and download) for the 'KS3 Science Higher Level: The Study Guide'

Science Scholarship Revision Programme (click here to view and download) for the CGP 'GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics Revision Guide'.

A science revision instruction sheet has been issued in class which lists the following useful websites:

Good luck with your revision and make a note of any topics you would like to go through after the February half term holiday.

Mr Kershaw


S8 - RSG
The Ipswich pupils have begun a writing exercise in class to help them revise their structures for the writing exam. They have been issued with a set of new phrases to try and learn and incorporate into their writing. They should re-share this with me once completed so that I can feedback to them.

French Astar phrases

Topic vocabulary and frequently used verbs should be practised using the links in Quizlet classroom - click here

Year 8
Pupils have been given revision tasks by their teacher for the half term break

8X - SCA
Your revision is in Google classroom - click here

Each pupil has been issued with a pack of exercises to help them practise the passé composé. This pack includes a recap on the construction of this tense as well as the answers so that they can check themselves.

Revision Pack


Spring 2019 Revision

Revise the theory and layout of the evidence questions using the booklet in your history folder.

Also revise the evidence questions by looking at the Black Death evidence sheet in your history folder.

Finally, to prepare for your evidence question assessment, revise the Battle of Trafalgar topic. Use your notes in your folder and your own Google Slide presentation.

Revise either the Battle of Trafalgar topic or the Battle of Waterloo topic for your assessment essay.

Use your notes in your history folder and your own Google Slide presentations.

Revise the theory and layout of the evidence questions using the booklet in your history folder.

Revise the Battle of Trafalgar topic for your evidence question assessment.


Spring 2019 Revision



PS7 Revision for summative assessment in February 2019 


Remember to hand in...
Practice Paper 7 on Friday 15 February,
Practice Paper 8 on Monday 25 February.

 S8 Holmwood House Scholarship Research based Practice Paper 6

S8 Ipswich Revision for Scholarship exam in March 2019

Year 8

Year 8 Guidance for Assessment in February 2019

Please remember to read through and highlight key words.

Year 8 Practice Questions for summative assessment in February 2019 

Years 7 & 8 additional revision

 Location Knowledge Exercises
 Mapwork Revision 2017 onwards

See the main Geography page (click here) for:

  • Geography - The Essentials
  • Key Terminology
  • Scholarship Essay Plans
  • Useful websites


Spring 2019


PDF icon Click here


PDF icon Click here


Year 8 
PDF icon Click here


General Revision Tips

PDF icon Latin Translation tips

PDF icon  Latin Exam Revision tips

Spring 2019 Revision

Please see Google Classroom for translation practice. Please focus on vocabulary.

PDF icon  Grammar Revision - Year 8

PDF icon  S8 Vocabulary List (2)

PDF icon  S8 Grammar Revision - PS7 

PDF icon  Year 8 Vocabulary list - contains the grammar and endings for the exam (PS7 & Y8) 

Word icon  Vocabulary testing sheet  tricky words to look up and revise (PS7 & Y8)

Vocabulary Lists

Useful Links

Cyberlatin would be a good revision aid, but should not be your only port of call!

Another valuable website to visit is:  is particularly good for the grammar (question 3) section of the exam. - vocabular testing flashcards
: irenadevoy, password: holmwood