Games and Quizzes

  Our Librarian recommends:

Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  Wimp Wars

Zoo-wee mama!  Test your Wimpy Kid knowledge - the fastest player wins!


Humphrey the Hamster Game

How many nuts can you help Humphrey collect as they fall through the letter of his book? 

The Magic Tree House - Pirate Treasure Game

Can you help Jack and Annie save the gold medallions from falling into the ocean?

Dressing Up Dreams

Amber loves to play dressing-up.  Help her choose an outfit.

The Barnaby Grimes Game

Can you help Barnaby jump across the rooftops in London to escape the wolves below?

The Gruffalo Competitions

Will you win a prize from the deep dark wood?  Aha, just click, wait and see!

Magic Ballerina:  Journy to Enchantia

Play these three fun games to unlock FREE exclusive downloads!

The Hunger Games:  The Tribute Trials

Take the Trials to see your likelihood of survival!  Then try to discover how you might improve your chances.

Miffy Puzzle Game

Piece together the puzzle to make the picture of Miffy and the new baby.

Miffy Memory Game

Have fun whilst testing your memory!  Match all the pairs of Miffy animals and objects.

The Cows in Action Game

How fast can you help the cows to escape from the island?

Rainbow Magic

Jack Frost's goblins have taken over the land and it is up to you to save it!

Beast Quest

Battle the Beasts in the ultimate Beast tournament!! 

How to Train your Dragon

Train your own dragon to fly, hunt and breathe fire of course!

Mr Gum presents:  Butcher's Darts

Play Mr Gum's and Billy William III's favourite game, the revolting Butcher's Darts (it's grimsters!).

Girls' FC Penalty Shoot-out Game

Try your luck at deceiving the goalkeeper in our very own Girls' FC penalty shoot-out game.

Order in the Library

Help Bill organise and label books in the library and play 3 different games.