Match reports

2 May 2017

Cricket - U9 A vs OBH

Holmwood won the toss and elected to bowl.

Each bowler would bowl a total of 9 balls each meaning each batting pair would face 18 balls. 2 runs would be scored for a wide and a no ball with -5 runs for the loss of a wicket.

Ashton P and Bailian R conceded 15 runs
George H and Tom B conceded 19 runs
Jude F and Rafe C conceded 20 runs.
Henry W and Archie L conceded 12 runs

OBH total was 166.

Holmwood Batting

Bailian R and Ashton p scored -10 runs.
George H and Tom B scored 18 runs.
Jude F and Rafe C scored 15 runs.
Henry W and Archie L scored 11 runs.

OBH won by 32 runs

Mr Lesiak

Cricket - U9 B vs OBH

Holmwood lost the toss and were sent into bat first.

Each bowler would bowl 9 balls each, meaning each batting pair would face a total of 18 balls. Two runs would be awarded for a wide or a no ball, and each wicket resulted in 5 runs being lost from the batting side.

George Neville was captain for the match.

Tom F and Seb L batted first and made a total of 8 runs.
George N and Luca C top scored with 26 runs between them.
Harry G and Benedict V scored 24 runs.
Eddie F and Alfie F scored 14 runs from their 18 deliveries.
That brought Holmwood's total to 72 runs.

Luca C bowled well conceding only 6 runs.
Seb L was also good conceding 9 runs.
Harry G conceded 11 runs.
Eddie F took a wicket and conceded 2 runs.
Tom F conceded 12 runs.
Alfie F conceded 13 runs.
Benedict V conceded 13 runs.
George N bowled superbly resulting in OBH losing 3 runs due to him taking a wicket.

Final result was Holmwood beating OBH by 9 runs in a close match.

Thomas Brougham