match reports

Wednesday 13 September 2017

U13 1st XIII vs New Hall

Going into the match, Holmwood were oversized by New Hall. When the whistle blew, New Hall kicked the ball to Holmwood. Holmwood had a couple of phases until New Hall turned the ball over in defence. It wasn't long after that that New Hall scored their first try, giving it to their winger and outpacing our defensive line.

When James N kicked the ball to them with a towering starter kick, it wasn't long before we put lots of pressure on them and Charlie A snatched the ball out of the air to go and score an interception try.

New Hall kept on overpowering the Holmwood defence and kept the scoreboard ticking.

With scores unmatched at half-time, the Holmwood team didn't give in and kept on battling 10-1, they kept on fighting.

When the whistle blew, all of the Holmwood players were red in the face, not bearing in mind the score, Holmwood had given it their best shot and had some good performances from the team and individuals. 

Charlie A (Year 8)

U13 2nd XIII vs New Hall

A good start to the season. Boys did well by sticking to their guns and produced some good rugby. 

Mr McCormack