hh win another u9 netball tournament!  

Netball - U9 "High Five" B Tournament at Ipswich Prep School (A), Monday 28 Nov 2011

The U9 B netball team participated in Ipswich School's "High Five" B tournament on Monday 28 November, knowing that the As had won last week, and Mrs Austin's expectations were high!

They played five schools, beating Ipswich High School 2-0,  Ipswich School 6-0, Orwell Park 5-1, Littlegarth 3-0 and drawing 3-3 with The Abbey.  We had not seen the results from the other matches at the end of the tournament, so were unsure if our draw with The Abbey meant we were tied on points.  It was a very exciting moment when Holmwood were declared the winners, The Abbey having lost an earlier match.  The girls (and Mrs Austin and Jess) were ecstatic!

This was an excellent afternoon of netball.
These girls have improved their skills dramatically over the last few weeks.
They are skillful players who can adapt to every position. 
Well done!

Mrs Austin, Coach