Pupil News - Week 6 Summer 2017

Congratulations to our Holmwood girls in their riding competition. Their team came 2nd in both classes, one 70cm and Class 2 80/85cm (the top two schools qualify for the Championship in

October).  They were up against Colchester county High, Chelmer Valley High, New Hall, Orwell Park, Manningtree and two teams from Brentwood school. Most other schools had four in the team (top three rounds count) so our girls did incredibly well to qualify.


 TEAM: 2nd in 70 (Maisy H, Martha H, Lucy B, Hebe W)
TEAM: 2nd in 80 (Maisy H, Martha H, Lucy B, Hebe W)

INDIVIDUAL: 4th in 70 (Hebe W)
INDIVIDUAL: 6th in 70 (Lucy B)