Join the pupils this week as we take part in another fantastic Science Week.  Highlight of the week is our Whodunnit? 
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'Murder at Woodholme Lodge' 

Can you solve the mystery along with our crack investigative team (otherwise known as Year 6!)

Shortly before his demise, Mr Baker is seen by the Headmistress and is questioned about goings on with the Star Cup!

The staff are not particularly happy about being in a meeting on a Saturday.

The Headmistress poses key questions in a bid to obtain clues as to why Copper Element always wins the House Cup.

The staff ponder why they are having to work on a Saturday afternoon!

There is shock all around when the announcement of Mr Baker's demise hits the school.

Key clues in the mystery surrounding the crime.

Who left Mr Baker in the middle of the school drive?

CLUE: Don't forget to talk to pupils about what they witnessed in assembly today (Tuesday)

The Victim

Mr Baker, deceased, played a key role in the lives of the pupils in his Element. Often seen as a father figure, he was known for achieving the very best results in the Element star competition with numerous wins under his belt.


Questions remain as to how such totals were achieved - Was he fixing the numbers whilst the Deputy Head was out of the office? - Was he giving more 'merits' to the Copper Element than any other Element?


Is this a case of malicious rumours and conjecture? Unless the culprit is apprehended, we fear we may never find all the answers.

The Suspects

The suspects identified so far in this case are as follows:

What else has been going on in Science Week?

Experiments with bubbles and eggs.....and Periodic Element trails! 

The 'Yard' are called in

The investigation is under way at 'Woodholme School'. Never fear! Inspector Corner of the Yard and his colleagues PCs Muscle and Gadget are on hand to help solve the case.


Arthur Brushup and Billy Ball have been called in for questioning.  We have uncovered a few interesting facts about these two characters!

Arthur Brushup

Spending most of the working day propped up on his broom, the Caretaker, Arthur Brushup, has taken 'sleeping on the job' to a whole new level and Mr Baker was fed up with setting up his own Element meetings! Could this all turn into one bad dream for Mr Brushup?

Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Physical labour

Billy Ball

Billy Ball, the Liverpudlian swimming teacher, probably couldn't keep himself afloat nevermind the pupils in a swimming lesson - it seems he has no qualification and Mr Baker knew it! Exactly what lengths would Billy go to to keep his secret under wraps and is he just treading water until the police arrive?

Likes: Liverpool FC & the 3Cs
Dislikes: Arsenal FC


are also enjoying Science Week - but I wonder what they are doing?


Year 8 worked together today to build a Roman aqueduct whilst Years 2-5 watched a performance on materials.

Science Week Debate


The Headmistress was starting to come under intense scrutiny for awarding Mr Baker the Star Cup each time - to the point of utter embarrassment and dread each time the piece of paper was handed to her to announce in assembly! Was this a case of favouritism? We don't think so, still, something had to be done to change the situation.

Likes: Holding staff meetings on Saturdays
Dislikes: Revealing her real name, Fenella Murdina McAroni

Lily Le Soken, Head of Silver, seems to be fed up of never winning the Star Cup. What's more, she caught Mr Baker in the Deputy Head's office adding 100 stars to Copper Element's star total! Is it feasible that, under the threat of being reported, Mr Baker did something to incur the wrath of Mrs Le Soken? Regardless, we are convinced that he ended up 'seeing more stars' than he intended when he was hit with Star Cup!

Likes: Justice and fair play
Dislikes: Not winning the Star Cup

Science Asssembly

The Science department held a fantastic assembly today, rounding off Science week with live periodic table!  They still have more activities for today and don't forget to check back for more updates in the Murder at Woodholme Lodge!


Police have uncovered some very useful facts in the case....

Ruth Tyler is convinced that Mr Baker had it in for her Element, Gold. After all, it appears she had caught him on numerous occasions giving members of her Element demerits for very little reason - since when has practising the Gold Element song outside the library been a crime? Perhaps Ruth has not only taken the Star Cup from Copper Element but also used it to dispose of their Head of the Element?

Likes: Singing!
Dislikes: TV show, The X Factor

In her desperate desire to follow her childhood dreams, it seems the chemistry teacher Roberta Rubidium may be willing to do anything to get that promotion to Head of Copper Element! But does that include dispatching the recent incumbent? Maybe she should stick to shopping in Waitrose.....

Likes: Shopping in Waitrose
Dislikes: Not being in her beloved Copper Element


The culprit is revealed!  In assembly this morning, the whole of Woodholme School looked on in shock as Roberta Rubidium was led away in cuffs! 


Thank you for following our fantastic Science Week, and watching our
'Murder at Woodholme School' - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.