Wellbeing Week 2017

With a view to responding to growing national concerns regarding the emotional and mental well-being of children, Wellbeing Week has been dedicated to the long-term health and well-being of our pupils.  It would be worth noting that this week does not stand in isolation but is in addition to the extensive pre-emptive and response provision already embedded in the culture of the school. We have a robust Emotional Intelligence programme in PSHCE lessons, year group forums, a school counsellor and of course, our latin motto, “Laetatus Sum,” - “I am happy”!


On Monday, Catherine Le Tue, one of our Pre-Prep French teachers who is also an expert in yoga for children, ran yoga sessions for all of the Pre-Prep classes and on Wednesday, Ceri Lee ran a yoga session for Years 4 & 5. Here is what the children thought..

“We felt so relaxed afterwards.” - Year 5 boys

“When I get home thisevening, I can’t decide whether to meditate or play on my DS.”- Harry G


Natural Medicine 

We welcomed Louisa Allen, Herbalist and Naturopath (and HH mum) into school on Monday and
Wednesday to speak about prevention of illness with natural medicine which, as always when Louisa visits, was absolutely fascinating. 


On Tuesday Nicky Hutchinson and Chris Calland of the organisation Not Just Behaviour, who have advised the government on the topic of body image and self-esteem in children spoke to all Prep School year groups, staff and parents on positive self-esteem and pressures from the media.

“I realise just how strongly I feel about this subject, now.” Ava G



Tuesday and Wednesday also saw our very own, lovely Nurse Maria delivering sessions on looking after ourselves to all Pre-Prep children and to Years 4 & 5.


Mental Health

On Thursday, Andy Caress and Dr Pooky Knightsmith of The Charlie Waller Memorial Trust, spoke to all Prep School year groups with an introduction to Mental Health First Aid, such an important early intervention tool kit for the support of mental and emotional wellbeing.


Gratitude Jar Project

A week long Gratitude Jar project involving twice daily (at least) contributions from the children posting things in their lives for which they were grateful served as a wonderful reminder of the happiness that the smallest things in our lives provide us with but which can so often be forgotten about in the pressures which we all, including our children, face in everyday life. There is evidence that practising disciplined positive thinking helps to train neural pathways and form the habit of optimism which is such a valuable life skill for wellbeing.

It is imperative that we, as adults, model good habits in our own attitudes towards our mental wellbeing if we hope for our children to take these messages seriously and two staff sessions as well as two parent sessions on Body Image, Self-esteem and Mental Health First Aid, provoked much serious thought for the whole community. Many thanks to our fantastic speakers and to all the parents who attended these important talks.