Year 8 Bushcraft

September 2016

When we arrived at Bushcraft it was freezing and damp.  The tents were like tipis and we all had to sleep around the pole in the middle.  We built shelters in Elements.  We learned what knots were used for and what things and what kinds of materials we should use.  Our first evening was filled with lots of games - like Capture the Lantern and Predator.

The finest activity was fire-lighting, even though it was infuriating, which was annoying because it meant we had a late lunch!  The  instructors showed us how to fillet a salmon safely and a couple of brave people ate the eyes!

We learned how to collect water in all different ways including gypsy wells and from wet moss.  We were given the responsibility of using knives to make tent pegs.  The work was long and tiring but        everyone carried on, with people reassuring each other once in a while.

On the final day we were surprised by a first aid activity in the form of a plane crash.  

Bushcraft is something I would definitely do again and would     recommend to anyone.  We had lots of fun.