Morning Minibus Service

Holmwood House is committed to encouraging parents, pupils and staff to reduce the
environmental impact of journeys to and from the school. The Morning Minibus service is
designed to assist busy families by offering a safe and reliable method of conveying
Holmwood House pupils to school. In the first instance, there will be one minibus route, but
if this is successful, we may look to expand the service in other areas.

We employ our own driver(s). They are fully vetted in accordance with the school's safer
recruitment procedures and have received the appropriate training to ensure their
competency. Drivers hold contact details and have mobile phones on board to be used only in
emergency situations and are therefore not in a position to respond to any calls.

The school’s minibus is fully licensed, regularly serviced and is covered by strict
maintenance policy. Any changes to the service, e.g. the use of outside contractors, will only
be considered if we are confident that the level and quality of service can be maintained. We
will only hire in vehicles in the event of vehicle breakdown or similar unforeseen

If your child is scheduled to use the service for a particular trip but cannot do so, for example
for sickness or other reasons, please notify the school directly as you would normally for any
absence. In order to ensure the smooth running of the service, the driver cannot wait for late
arrivals to the collection point and as mentioned previously, will not be able to respond to
your calls. Therefore if your child is not at the designated collection point by the stated time,
the driver will assume that she is not coming and will continue with the journey. When back
at school, the driver and the school office will liaise regarding any non-attendance and if the
absence has not been reported, the school will follow this up in the usual manner. If the bus is
running early, the driver will wait until the designated time before moving on.

Parents are asked to treat the drivers courteously and to remind their children that the
school’s Behaviour Policy applies to this service, as it does at school. Drivers report any poor behaviour to the school. Pupils should act responsibly and wear seat belts on the bus at all
times. They should inform the driver of any issue of concern or ill health among the

Road Safety
It is parents’ responsibility to ensure the child is at the appropriate collection point, suitably
supervised. Parents should also ensure that their own vehicle is parked in a safe manner
avoiding difficulty for the other drivers and road users.

Late Arrivals or Cancellations
In the event of bad weather, the school will keep the website up to date with closure details
and if the minibus is unable to make the journey to school. In other circumstances, if the bus
fails to arrive on time, please allow 5-10 minutes before making contact with the school to
allow for slight traffic delays.

To request that a seat is reserved for your child, please complete the Morning Minibus
Request Form on the website or contact the school office. Please ensure that you have
read this page before doing so. Provided that there is sufficient capacity on the bus for
the sessions you have requested, we will confirm with you that you have secured a place on
the bus for your child. Bookings must be made via the front office at least 24 hours in advance.

The Morning Minibus fees are invoiced termly as a supplemental charge on the school fees
invoice. A term’s notice is required to cancel or change your child’s reservation. Seats must
be booked in advance - ad hoc journeys may not be made. The initial route will be charged at
flat rate of £4 per day and is bookable on a termly basis only. Please note that 24 hours notice must be given for any cancellation and that you will still be charged for your place if your child misses the collection time slot.

The route(s) have specified collection points with timings as shown in this guide. If any
changes become necessary due to circumstances, such as significant roadworks or adverse
weather conditions, we shall inform parents as soon as possible. Please remember that
because weather and road conditions can change between areas, the school will use its best
judgement before starting or cancelling a journey.


Please click here to book a place on the minibus service.
Please note your place is not guaranteed until you receive confirmation via email.

If you have any queries, please contact the front office on 01206 574305 or